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You may have noticed the new "L" and "R" in the advanced reply editor. These two new buttons can be used to format your posts and articles here in the forum. The "L" will format any content placed in its brackets to the Left side of a post and the "R" will, of course, do the opposite and format any content it encloses within its brackets to the right side of your post or article. These two buttons can be very useful when you want to wrap text around an image. Using this feature, you can make your posts look like newspaper and magazine articles if you would like.

The easiest way I have found to use these two buttons is to add all of your text to your post or article first. Then, format your attachments (photos, graphics, linked images, etc...) with either the "L" or the "R" bb code. Just insert your graphic where you think it will look the best in your text and highlight it and click either the "L" or the "R" button.

Then, be sure to preview your post and see how it appears. Make any adjustments to your placement, and then preview again before submitting. What you see is what you will get when using this feature. In the second post below, I will give an example of how this can be used. I will simply use the text from the cattleya article on the AOS website instead of creating gibberish.