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Thread: Hey Traci - how's your phal keiki?

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    May 2004
    San Diego

    Default Hey Traci - how's your phal keiki?

    Mine's got two leaves and it's growing a 3rd. I don't think the nearby roots are the keiki's, though. I don't see how there's room for it under there to grow correctly (it's growing under a leaf; I thought it was a spike at first) but I don't know if it'll ever grow roots. But for the absence of roots, I'd think it was big enough to pot by itself. I guess I'll have to leave it where it is for a while.

    I wish I could snap a pic to show you, but I still don't have a digital camera. Maybe if I'd stop buying new orchids, I'd be able to take pics of the old ones.

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    Oct 2003
    Western New York


    Sorry, I didn't see this post, I started back to work again and haven't been on.

    My keiki is doing well, I actually decided to put it in a pot of its own. I discovered it had 2 roots starting , so I put it in a 2' pot and it seems to be doing very well. It has 3 or 4 very small leaves. My other phal species looks like it *might* be putting out a keiki. The "bud" like think isn't forming a bud, but something is definitly going on. I guess I'll know for sure in a few months.

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