Orchid Culture, An Overview of Different Orchid Growing Techniques, by wetfeet101b.

Just like human society that developed a wide array of cultures and technology based on their history and environmental influences, the different orchid genera also have evolved growth mechanisms that allowed them to thrive in their native habitats. From the way their roots cling to their preferred substrate, to the way they have designed their flowers for optimum attraction of their target pollinators; orchids have found a way to maximize their survivability in their native habitat.

If money was not an issue, then most would agree that the best way to grow orchids will be to replicate their native habitats. One can only imagine the cost of building a large climate controlled enclosure that can house not only the orchids but their host flora as well.
Commercial growers have to some extent come close to this orchid utopia. But instead of replicating....... Read More