I have installed Casmira a few weeks ago out of curiousity. After a few attempts trying to navigate my way inside the city, (no one was around because its usually after midnight ) I decided to uninstall the program. The program was saved in My Document folder, together with my pics and other downloaded programs from the internet. I used the add/remove program to uninstall (automatic) and my heart sank when afterwards I found out that the whole folder and everything in it was gone . I know there is no way now to recover my lost files. But I want to know what had gone wrong?. I had uninstalled programs that had been saved in that same folder before and didn't had any problems. The My Document Folder was reinstalled after I reboot but the folder is now squeaky clean.

By the way, Casmira is a beautiful city even though I have seen it mostly during the night,(Ive seen it once during the late afternoon). The water garden is fantastic. I wanted to explore more and try the orchid hunt but my eyes and my back tell me that I'm too old for these kind of things which is why I decided to uninstall to make room for other things, now I really have MORE space..lol.