While reviewing the error logs today, I noticed several errors in the download section for the OrchidTalk Toolbars. I traced the problem back to the forum upgrade I did over a month ago... oops! Anyway, today, I re-installed the software that manages the downloads and permissions and re-uploaded the files.

Please feel free to try your download again! Sorry about the error message. If you have trouble downloading the files, please send me a PM. Members who are brand new or who have not been active on the forums will not be able to access the download pages. All other members should be able to see, and download the files. The OT toolbar for Fire Fox was the most popular with over 90 downloads and the IE version was hanging in with 42 downloads. The counters have been reset to 0. Have fun and let me know of any issues.

Below are links to the download pages for the files: