The Trading Post Section of the RVO OrchidTalk Forums can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, but only active members of our community can participate in sales, auctions, trades, etc. You must have 20 or more posts and have been active in our community within the last month to take advantage of this FREE service. Alternatively, you can become a subscribing member and participate in this section of our community at any post level. Members who attempt to post in this section who do not yet have access rights, will receive a no-permission error when attempting to create a thread or reply to a posting.

If you have a 'wanted' or 'for sale/trade/ free' item and have listed it in our OrchidBids feature and you'd like to tell OrchidTalk forum members about it, this is the place do that. (We encourage you to do so!!) PLEASE NOTE: All new threads are put into Moderation to make sure that the items have been first listed in OrchidBids.

Goods and services for sale *must* be listed in OrchidBids first before you post about them here. Posts which do not follow this guideline will be deleted without notice.

Please remember, all discussions of sales, trades, etc... may only be posted in the Trading Posts Forum section of our Community. Any other discussions outside of this section of our board dealing with trades, sales, etc.. will be removed without notice.

Please review the updates to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy regarding this feature. Any questions, please use the contact us link below or create a thread in this forum.

Have Fun, Buy and sell responsibly, and enjoy this FREE members-only feature!