I did it!! My s/h pellets arrived today, and I got right to work. The main concern was the compot, as there are some yellow leaves that have me a little worried. There were supposed to be nine plants in the pot, but it turned out there were ten, and several had more than one big, fat, wonderfully plump pseudobulb, so I hope they like their new home.

Wilsonara Pacific Passage 'Rocket Burst'.

Compot containing what should have been nine plants, but turned out to be ten (although three are really tiny)

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Beautiful root system, but oh that awful, soggy moss. Amazingly, there was no root rot.
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One repotted in s/h (with a root growth stimulator added to the water)
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And here are four repotted. I hope they do well.
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I decided to plant the tiny ones in bark, and put three of them together, just to see how they do. It should be interesting to see how well they all do, and which way they seem happier.

I have one more to do, and that's my Phal, Baldan's Kaleidoscope. That's the one that was hit by mealies, but seems clear of them now. I've had it bare rooted for a couple of weeks, and she seems really content, but I want to see if she doesn't do even better in s/h, and I will be happy to be able to see her root system thru the pot, and know when to water.

Keep your fingers crossed please!!