Hi everyone,

I grew a few paphs a few years back, but fell out of the hobby for a while. Well it turns out the fire has rekindled and I dragged back out the lights for a second go.

Here's my question. I have had great luck with wick watered African violets using a soilless potting mix that is:

1 part peat moss
1 part vermiculite
1 part perlite

I think that part of my issues in the past were issues with watering. The wick method really takes all the guess work out of the process and really works for me. What are your thoughts on using this method for paphs? My two concerns they will be too moist and cause root rot or that salt buildup may be an issue?

Currently, I have a little experiment going with a maudiae hybrid but it has only been too weeks so it's definitely too soon to draw conclusions. However, the bloom and plant still look great so no negative signs yet.

Thanks in advance for any feed back