Hi folks. I have just about completed a major re-design of the River Valley Orchidworks website. If you have not done so, take a peek. Click on 'Orchid Care', 'links' and 'Nursery' at the top of the page. I wanted to update the care pages and make them more accessible and also, get rid of the old, bad code we had with javascript and popup windows. Everything should be fluid now and easy to see without navigating popups. lol. It should also fit your screen without having to scroll!

Take a look around and let me know if I missed something. I have redirected the old links since all of the new pages have different addresses, so even if you go to the old address, your browser should be redirected to the new, updated page.

I still have some work to do. The weather page has not been updated yet. That one will take some time, but I will start on it soon.