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Thread: fertilizer NPK

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    Default fertilizer NPK

    Thank you very much for taking time to read this.

    I've been looking around this forum for the best way to fertlize and I found a thread, where some people (Brutal dreamer was one of them) are just alternating between 3 different fertilizers and then the 4th week they just do water only.
    Question number 1: Are you doing this all year long with all your orchid types?

    This sounded very logical to me. Question number 2: but I just wanted to know the NPK's of these different fert solutions.

    I'm using now a 20-20-20 fertlizer and I was planning to buy another one with high Phosporous to stimulate root health and bloom.

    Question number 3: Is the third fert type one with higher nitrogen?

    You advise is much appreciated.

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    Hi Dess, I also alternate between different fertilisers and yes I do this the whole year round.

    The Ferts. I use are worm juice (more a soil enhancer than an actual fertiliser so no NPK ratio there as it is home made); Seaweed based fertiliser which again is called a soil enhancer so again no NPK ratio; and also Sulphate of Potash which is 41% K and the rest is S (no N, no P).

    Apaprt from that I throw in a dollop of blood and bone during repotting to add a bit of Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

    Part of my reasoning for having alternating ferts the whole year around is that having a mixed collection, the plants have different flowering and growing times so rather than focusing on each of the 600 plants, I just douse them all with water and fert at the same time.


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