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Thread: Oncidium intergenerics

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    Jul 2004


    if screams were roots, then banshees would be potbound.

    or something like that.


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    Dec 2004


    That's a real scream, Pete! (Sorry, I've been rooted at my desk all day and am dripping sarcasm...)

    A banshee actually is Celtic in origin. Bean is Gaelic for woman and the Sidhe (pronounced 'shee') is the name given to the fairy folk. The banshee is a woman fairy who attends the most famous or most important families (usually lords and kings) and upon their death, she sings a death wail. 'Sing' is used freely here. I believe it was the basis for the Klingon death cry: to alert the otherworld that an important person was coming.

    (Guess I'm also dripping trivia.) Time to unroot and make dinner...


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    Louis J. Aszod
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    Feb 2003
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    Debbie, if your summers are like Gilda's where temps top out at the low 90s, you'll be totally fine.

    Here, late July to mid-August can reach the low 100s, and there was one summer we had 110-115 every day for two weeks.

    That was not good. But, many that can become troublesome for me may work out great for you. I know everyone's heard this already, but it's true: successful growing always comes back down to the conditions you need to supply for the type of orchid you're trying to grow. I, personally, really like Draculas, but there's no way I can grow them here, so I don't even bother trying any more. And, given the heat we get, I'm really pushing it just with Odontoglossums and Miltonias.

    So really, if you want to be successful at this orchid stuff, determine the conditions you can supply, and grow the things that will thrive under them. One guy I heard of loved the cool-growing stuff, but he lived where it was very hot. He had plenty of money, so he just built himself a refrigerated greenhouse.

    I'm really not trying to turn you away from the intergenerics (especially since I really like them and sell them), so I hope that's not the impression I've been giving in this thread...

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