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Thread: Repotting Oncidium/Oncidium Hybrids

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    Lightbulb Repotting Oncidium/Oncidium Hybrids

    Repotting Oncidium/Oncidium Hybrids , by navyderek.

    I got the Odontocidium Wildcat 'Bobcat' shown in this tutorial a couple of weeks ago for a steal, it was on clearance as it had already finished blooming. It had been by itself, on its own little windowsill, since then just waiting for me to get a chance to repot it properly. I repot all of my Oncidium and Hybrids (Odontocidium, Degarmoara, Wilsonara, etc...) this exact same way, so I hope it will prove some use to the readers.

    I started out by soaking my plant in the sink for a few minutes while I gathered up my supplies. Soaking the plant helps loosen the plant from its pot and makes it easier to remove the old growing media. The supplies I needed..... Read More

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    Excellent article, Derek! I know this will help everyone interested in repotting their oncidiums. Great photos too! Oh, and I had to laugh out loud at 'Kill-bad-stufficide'


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    Great Job! You have helped me a lot! Thanks, Bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutal_Dreamer View Post
    Excellent article, Derek! I know this will help everyone interested in repotting their oncidiums. Great photos too! Oh, and I had to laugh out loud at 'Kill-bad-stufficide'
    Hah! I thought it was funny too. Thanks for providing a place we can read and post articles like this. I plan on adding a root trimming addendum to the artile on the next Oncid I buy with root troubles---which might be a while with the winter coming in earnest.

    And Bill, you are welcome.

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    Thanks for all the information. I've repotted several of these in the last few months...some made it, some didn't. I think the "kill-bad-stufficide" is a step that I need to add to up my odds for success! I loved the pictoral step-by-step!

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