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Thread: narrow leaves on phals

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    May 2004
    San Diego

    Default narrow leaves on phals

    I've been growing orchids for a year and I've been working out some learning-how-to-grow issues along the way. I'm pretty sure that nothing got enough light until a month ago when I moved about 20 outside, and added a supplemental grow light to the others in the kitchen window.

    So, I have these two noid phals that actually have been doing fine, inasmuch as they haven't died and they have grown new leaves (but no new spikes yet.) My question is: The new leaves have grown longer than the older leaves, but they're far more narrow. My guess is the cause of the skinny leaves was insufficient light, but since the leaves and plants are otherwise healthy and fine I'm not sure...

    Any ideas on why they grew so narrow?
    Thanks ~ Liz

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    Apr 2004


    I don't grow that many Phals only a few species. It sounds like your Phals are not getting enough light. Give it some more light. Phals can actually take much brighter light than you think.

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    Any ideas on why they grew so narrow?
    Usually, the dead give away that a Phal isn't getting enough light is that the leaves get dark green. I sometimes see a difference between old foliage that came out before I owned a plant and new growth under my watch. Sometimes the new growth looks more robust than the old growth, sometimes it's the other way around. I don't think it's anything to worry about per se, just the plant reacting to a different fertilizer, watering schedule, etc.

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    May 2004
    San Diego


    Yeah, I'm sure they weren't getting enough light; the leaves were indeed too dark. I'm pretty sure I've got that fixed now, after buying a light meter, moving some outside to a shade structure we built, and adding supplemental grow lights to the ones left inside. I just thought it was weird that they would grow so apparently healthy and long, albeit narrow, if the lighting was too low. But the smartest thing I did, my first step toward "coming to the light" (to quote someone else...), was buying a cheap light meter.

    Now, I'm just waiting for something to reward me with a spike...

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