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I have two slippers currently blooming. The one is Paph. spicerianum x sib. It is it's first bloom and has two flowers. Look familiar Bruce? The second is Paph. Pulsar 'Fang Pacific' HCC/AOS x Paph. Hsinying Quatal' Round Leaf. It bloomed for me June thru July of 2009. While it was blooming a new growth appeared and grew like crazy. As the summer flower was fading the new growth formed a bud. It opened in early December. Was really not expecting it to bloom again so quickly. It is currently sprouting a new growth but it is not developing as quickly as the one in bloom did.
Request you to share some care tips for these beauties. I am about to receive 2 spicerianum X sib. I would like to know more about it care.
I am Planning to pot the plant in CHC (80%) and charcoal mix. and use worm tea regularly (weekly) or MSU at 80 PPM alternate day.
I water my orchids every day (including paphs) because I live in a very hot area, and all orchids in Poly greenhouse. I run a evaporative cooler running during day time, and fan running 24 X 7 during rainy seasons.
Any culture suggestions for this hybrids would be of great help to me.