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Thread: Inducing keiki's with rooting hormone

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    Default Inducing keiki's with rooting hormone

    I have a phal that I've been looking after for my neighbour which finished flowering about 6 weeks ago. Due to a meilie bug infection at the tip of the infloresence, I chopped that part off, leaving part of the spike with about 3 dormant buds. I was hoping to get a keiki out of the plant as it was quite pretty, despite being a noid.

    However, I have no way (or money for that matter) to get some keiki paste. I do, on the other hand, have some powdered rooting hormone and some aqueous cream. This is where the mad science begins.

    My question to the experts out there is if it is possible to make a keiki paste from the powder and cream. And if so, how to I go about mixing it.

    Hormone powder: Seradix B No. 2 (for semi-hardwood cuttings)
    Active ingredient: 4-(indol-3-yl)-butyric acid 3g/kg

    Thanks for all the help.


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    I'm all for some mad science. I would have a go, worst case you don't get a keiki. If you do get one, let us know, it'll save us some money on keiki paste too

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    IBA is just as it says it is: A rooting hormone. To the best of my knowledge, it does not stimulate vegetative growth at the undifferentiated bud primordia. This is the node that partially develops and then becomes dormant awaiting the optimal conditions to become either a flower or a keiki. Temperature plays a major role in this process. Applying keiki paste at the wrong time may produce more flower spikes than keikis. What is important about the paste otr liquid you use is what it contains that makes it do its "thing". Some contain cytokinin for initial cell division while others contain an an auxin for growth of those dividing cells and others may contain both. But if it worksgreat for you and you'll have another plant.

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