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Thread: Paph. roth -- A simple question with no answers

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    Feb 2005

    Default A simple question with no answers

    Hello all,

    I keep reading about ultra-basic rock (e.g. serpentine) on which some of the most beautiful Paphs grow (roths among others). I have looked everywhere. The answers are very technical but nobody tells me the simple and crucial facts:
    --what is the Ph. of water running on serpentine?
    --what minerals would be present/absent in the water?
    These are important in my opinion but I can't find them anywhere.
    Thxs and happy growing

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    I only did a short search, but can find no info that tells how serpentine alters the pH of water flowing across or through it, besides saying that it would turn the water extremely basic--can't find exact figures. Magnesium and Iron seem to be key components though, so I would imagine that those would be heavily dissolved. How much in terms of ppm is going to be hard to tell, since that would depend on the temperature of the water flowing across, its initial pH, and the length of time the water remained in contact.

    Sorry this wasn't more helpful!

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    I also looked , to many variables , what did the water flow over or through before getting to the plant (organic matter ) what else is nearby types of rocks ect . Gin

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