Hello all, as promised here is a short tutorial showing how I make my medium and plant orchids in it.

1) To start with, here are the components of the medium, 1 part CHCs, 1 part shredded Styrofoam and 1 part Charcoal, (All of approximately same size). CHCs are water retentive and yet keep the medium airy. Charcoal even though absorbs water dries very fast and keeps the media moist, airy and adsorbs any growth inhibiting substances produced from the decomposition of the CHCs. Styrofoam is non water retentive and acts as a filler aiding air circulation and keeping the medium light so that the basket or pot can be hanged.

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2) Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

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3) Tie a supporting bamboo stick to the base of the pot using a green plastic thread.

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4) Secure the stick in place towards one side of the pot by placing pot shards in the bottom as shown.

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