Please be aware that I am a professionally trained philosopher, and an evil genius, but not a botanist. I think I'm right about all this, but I wouldn't be surprised if something is quite wrong. Just let me know, and I'll fix it right up.

The FAQs currently include:

1. Why is orchid hybridizing so funky?

2. How do I remove pollinia?

3. How closely related to two plants have to be in order to breed?

4. How do I pollinate a bloom?

If you should have suggestions for additional FAQ entries, just drop me a line. Preferably a "line of credit". Like maybe a line of credit at Ikea. I've never bought anything from them before, but it would be a good excuse to drive to Chicago to visit my friend Brian again before he moves.

Ok, you guys have really got to stop distracting me from what I'm talking about. My point was that you should let me know about other FAQ entries. You all just cannot stay on topic!