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Thread: New Dendrobium Help

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    Default New Dendrobium Help

    Hello everyone,

    I just found this forum after watching some youtube videos. I am struggling with my Dendrobium and I was hoping you guys could help me straighten my orchid out.

    here are some pics of it from oldest to newest.

    The first pic is from around mothers day last year and the last one is from yesterday.

    I live in south central PA which is zone 6. I had the orchid in a north facing window which is covered by some trees for few months. Then, I had my plant outside on the deck for a weeks in the summer which caused the very light green leaves in the one picture. After that, I moved it into my bathroom that has a skylight. Now the orchid is in a southern facing window.

    I hope you guys can help me to get my orchid to bloom for my wife by mother's day. Thank you all in advance.

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    Im not to familiar with Dens but id say a lack of light and maybe over watering has really set this plant back. That newest growth would have been the next to bloom for you but your last pic shows that it rotted and came off. I dont know your watering schedule but id unpot it and check the roots for rot. If your watering a den. anymore than twice a week its probably too much... especially in that plastic pot. The southern window is probably a good place to keep it, a northern window will never work for a den. in PA. Im sorry but it probably wont be blooming for quite a while as it has got to grow a whole new cane before it will bloom again.

    So all in all. Repot,southern window, check your water schedule.

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    Orchids are also very light feeders, Id recommend not using those fertilizer sticks.

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