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Thread: oncidium sharry baby

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    Talking oncidium sharry baby

    I have an oncidium sharry baby that I purchased a few months ago. I repotted it in a mix of md. orchid bark and seedling bark mix, it has grown 3 new growths and all kinds of roots. Some of the growths are wrinkled, not too bad though. I had been watering almost every day and I had it sitting in a south window. I was hoping to get a bloom stalk; as it had one flower left on it when I bought it, but no bloom stalk yet.
    What kind of medium do these grow best in and when should I expect it to get a bloom stalk? Any info. would be greatly appreciated


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    Hi Eddie,

    Man I miss my Sharry Baby. I had to give it away when I moved, but I think if you pot yours up in a pot just a little larger than the root ball and use a nice middle sized medium (I like coconut husk) you can get her to develop those new growths and maybe reward you with a nice spike--probably sometime next spring. Give her as much light as you can. Sounds like you might let her dry out a bit; definitely don't water every day--couple times a week is more like it if the pot is small. Less than that if the room is cool in the winter or the weather cloudy.

    If you hit the right balance, prepare for a big strapping plant. When I gave mine away it was in a 12" pot and was putting out multiple 3 foot spikes.

    I might have to get another one!

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    My Sharry Baby is wildly erratic about when it blooms. It just blooms when it's darn ready. Some years, spikes strike in the early summer and I get blooms in early fall. Other years, spikes don't initiate until fall, and it's about Christmas time before it blooms. Don't give up yet, there may still be hope.

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    When I see that the new growth on my Oncidium is starting to form a pseudobulb, I keep my eyes out for the beginnings of a spike. They start forming before the pseudobulb has finished developing. Hope that helps.

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