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Thread: Repotting a phal in bark

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    May 2004
    Los Angeles, CA

    Default Repotting a phal in bark

    The flowers on my phal just dropped, and yesterday, I cut the spike down to the second node from the bottom in hopes of having a new spike emerge. However, the phal is currently potted in sphagnum moss, which I despise. Will repotting in bark NOW hurt the chances of having a new spike emerge? Should I leave it in the moss for now and wait to see if a new spike will grow before repotting?

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    May 2004
    San Diego


    No guarantees from me, but I just did the reverse a few weeks ago. I took a newly purchased blooming phal that was in bark and potted it in sphagnum, which seems to be better for my conditions. The original blooms were having problems which pre-dated the repotting (they didn't open all the way, but they didn't die either - kind of like semi-bud blast.) Anyway, I cut the spike back to the next node a week or so ago, and it sprung a new spike from the node just yesterday. I know I've read not to repot a blooming plant, but (maybe because I've never been called a rule-follower?), I've done it more than once with no apparent ill effects.

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    Rob Parsons
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    Hi Nancy,

    I'd go ahead and repot. Especially if you've had bad experiences with sphagnum (and it sounds like you have), the longer it's left in there, the more likely you'll have those problems again.

    BTW, I don't like to grow anything in pure sphagnum (although I often add it to my mix, especially as a top dressing to increase humidity), so I routinely take any plant out of it when I get it home. I have very recently repotted a Phal (Bright Peacock) in bud under these conditions and had no problems with the plant aborting the buds. It's in bloom right now and looks stunning!



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    Dec 2004


    When a plant needs repotting, I repot, regardless of whether it's blooming (I've repotted my share of flowering plants with absolutely no problem.) Rob is right - if you don't like the situation, don't prolong it. Repot!

    That being said, I'm the mossy queen. I have everything except the catt alliance in NZ sphagnum and I've had great results. So much for potting mixture. Plant happiness equals the local voodoo in your neck of the woods. (Don't forget the chicken feathers!)

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    Feb 2005


    I've repotted things while in bloom and it didn't seem to hurt them a bit. I also have problems with sphag and won't use it for large plants. Small stuff is OK, but the big things just never dry out.


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