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Thread: phal bellina help?

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    Default phal bellina help?

    hi, everyone.

    ive got a phal bellina whose older leaves are turning pale yellow. im growing this guy about 6" beneath fluorescent lights, and it also gets a bit of natural light from my south-eastern exposure.

    i fertilize about once a week, with dyna gro 'grow' formula (about 1 tsp/gallon) plus dyna gro 'protek' (about 1/2 tsp/gallon), plus a dash of physan. every few weeks i toss in a splash of kln rooting business.

    the new leaves are coming out green, and the roots are in good shape (just recently re-potted). the yellow-ness was there pre-re-pot. i know that phals sometimes lose their very bottom leaves, but the paleness is found on all four of the bottom leaves, and all but the very bottom one are pretty turgid. (heh, heh, i said turgid )

    can anyone help me with what could be going on? is it too much fertilizer? too much light? too little of something?

    many thanks in advanced!

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    Hi , I looked at mine , the lower leaves on it are a lighter color . Mine might be a smaller plant it is the bottom 2 on it . I think they are just getting tired , they seem to go south at a slower rate than the Hybrid leaves .
    How many leaves total are there on your plant ? if there are not a lot more than 4 then it might be to much light . Mine is under artificial light and is back from an east window , but is not as close to the fixture . Hope this helps a little . Gin

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    I doubt it,s to much light as mine gets about 2500fc in my growroom & seems exceptionally happy(it,s in spike ).The top leaves especially the newest has a lighter cast but definately not yellow.
    Halve the amount of fert , it may not be the cause but this wont harm the plant.Mine gets 1 teaspoon to 5 gallons of rain water(1/2 grow & 1/2 bloom) , i use a lower level as mine is in s/h.

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    thanks for the thoughts, guys!

    hmmm...i think unca is right about the light. ive got de-flasked seedlings of phal. penang girl [bellinaXvenosa] X phal. bellina sitting in the same light, and the leaves are the lime-y green they should be. i also fertilize the little ones (actually, since the de-flask last october, some are in their own little pots, with 5-6" leafspans!! ) with the same amount of fertilizer.

    gin, my bellina has 5.5 leaves. the .5 leaf is just peaking out of the crown. its growing in a clear pot in sphag+broken up styrofoam, and i can see healthy root tips. so maybe that plus the new leaf means that its ok, and im worrying too much?

    uncasteeb, congrats on the spike!! ill try cutting back on the fertilizer and see what that does.

    any other input would be much appreciated!

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