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I love this environment. want to live there. the air is so clean, the water is so transparent. Just better than china
Thanks sam1987 I wish the government will protect this area as there are so many fauna and flora still untouchable.

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Al, I cannot tell you how much of a joy it is for me to see all your pics. I live in Naples, Florida just on the edge of the everglades and I go out into the swamps every now and then on a photographic orchid hunt. Your area of Malaysia looks beautiful and not at all unlike some ares of Florida. The area I live in is considered the orchid seat of the USA. Lots of alligators also!
Thanks edub9 I really appreciate it I wish you would like to share your wild orchids with us especially around the everglades I always watching National Neographic that this area full of very dangerous poisoning snakes also alligator, interestingly that this area can see a lots of live moss and Epiphytes which they never focus I hope you can open another thread focus on wild orchids in Everglades, Florida.