Hi there. I have a question for all of you experienced phal orchid growers. What is the lifespan of a phal orchid leaf? I have a phal that is puzzling me. It is blooming since august last year, on the same spike, each time with 5-6 flowers. Now it has buds for the third time on this spike (four of them so far).
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It was repotted in april last year, has some great looking roots
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(took the pictures a couple of days after watering, also checked for root rot, there isn't any, they are starting to grow from the tips), but I have a problem with the leaves. I lost one (bottom one) when I moved in september last year (not one lost bud though), and now it seems it wants to lose another one.
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What is your opinion on this? How long should a phal leaf live? Thanks in advance for the advices.