Ready for a new puzzle contest?

Complete this sliding puzzle and then identify the name of the orchid. Hint: this is an image posted on the forum by one of our many photographers. Good luck!

Contest Puzzle 6

The winner will be determined by the first person to correctly post :

1. the correct name of the orchid and photographer,
2. a link to the original thread where the photo exists on OrchidTalk,
3. a photo (screen shot) of the completed puzzle showing the full puzzle screen. (learn to do a screen shot here) (thanks Margo!)

- in their (your) reply to this post . Since the forum time-stamps all postings, the winner will be easy to sort out.

Give it a go and reply to this thread to enter. The pieces are not rotated, but are cut into twenty-five rectangles and mix right before your eyes! There is no 'ghost' image, but if you have quick eyes you get a look at the puzzle before it starts mixing it self up - but you have to be quick. hehehe.... Have fun!

And to make sure everyone gets a fair go at solving the puzzle without knowing the answers, please use the Spoiler button when replying to the thread. The spoiler button puts your answer (the important parts) behind a button that has to be clicked to view. Like this:

Post your answers and photo here so that others can solve the riddle on their own

This button is found on the advanced reply next to the highlighters. It looks like this:

Okay - enough with the rules - on with the fun! The winner gets a medal for their profile

(ps - only members who have posted at least two times in the forum can access the puzzle page. So, if you are a new member and want to play, post your introduction message ASAP! )