My orchids are set up on the top shelf of a bookcase in my living room. I have a CFL grow light hung from the ceiling, and they're right in an eastern window so they get tons of light. They are getting a little crowded, though, because I've gotten better at keeping them healthy.

I'm thinking about mounting a grow light of some kind underneath the top shelf and putting another humidity tray down there and relocating my young & mini plants. There's clearance of about 11" total, and I'm wondering if that would be enough. Humidity tray is about 2", and the slimmest grow lights I'm finding are LED ones, 1.5" thick. Say my mini phals and neofinitias and so forth are 3-5" tall, that puts them 2.5-4.5" below the lights. If I get an LED light, heat shouldn't be a problem, but I don't know if you want plants that close even to a cool light source. Thoughts?