Hey there!

I'm staying with my brother for a few weeks puppy-sitting, and when I arrived, I found 2 Phals that weren't doing so well. After my own Phal back home just put out its first new, I decided to try my hand at helping these 2.

Both of them were growing in only moss (the stuff that supposedly only needs watering once every 3-4 weeks), and in decorative pots that didn't drain... I don't know how they were watered before, but when I got here, both had major root rot, so I cleaned off all the moss, cut out the rotted roots, and repotted them in clear plastic pots with drainage slits all over and bark with a very little bit of moss (my Phal came this way, so I figured I should stick to what I'm used to).

Anyway, one of them is doing fine, but the other has me worried. Its 2 leaves are a healthy green, but they are shriveled (have been since before repotting), and I had to cut off most of its roots before repotting, which makes me think that even though its not a very big plant, the remaining roots (only a couple left with the longest one being maybe an inch long) are not able to take in enough water for it.

Granted, it has only been a few days since I started working on them, and I realize orchids are relatively slow growers, but is there anything else I can do, or just wait and hope for the best?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated since I'm still new to orchids. Thanks!

(Sorry for lack of pictures... Not really sure how to attach them)