Could be called a historic orchid. The cross registered I think in 1922 by the grower for a private collection at a large Country House ( means an estate of a few thousand acres plus stables, farms etc etc ) . My friend and colleague in my Orchid Society, Keith Andrew worked there as a pot cleaning boy, rose to be head grower, and was helped to buy the collection and privatise it, when death duties (tax) was due, and the heirs were not interested in orchids. He had great success as a breeder- gained AMs from the RHS and AOS etc in no less than 14 different genera . Closed the firm when he retired - he is a few months older than myself - will be 80 in the fall this year. He put this plant ( but see below) up for award and got the rare and coveted FCC/RHS for it . He propagated as fast as he could , but the going price for a bulb and a growth was about US$75 almost 40 years ago due toi the inevitably limited supply, maybe equivalent to a few hundred today.
Then meristemming came along - first commercial usage by a Paris nursery in early 70's - then the Dutch horticulture trade latched on. By 1980 this grex was being meristemmed to produce a million plants a year by one lab alone , and there is some doubt how many labs produced it.
Needless to say it underwent a series of minor mutations during this time, producing three colour variations, but the significant thing also is that Keith looks at this plant and points out that my flowers are only 4 inches across, on a well grown plant - the one which got the FCC was 5 inches , and plants /flowers like that are never seen today..
But it is still worth growing. personally I think I'll get it bigger ; this plant has been in s/h for about a year only , and in my experience it will go on improving in vigour, size of bulbs and quality of flowers for a a few years yet. I'd love to show him a five inch flower again to prove tht it is really culture which has gone down rather than mutations , but maybe that is not possible.
BTW will produce a branched spike of 20 or so flowers when in FCC mode - mine has but 8, although a second plant has 14 buds on a spike.

.p.s. Vuylstekeara is Odontoglossum x cochlioda x miltonia

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