OrchidTalk Toolbar 7.0.0 FIRE FOX for Fire Fox 7.0.X

With Fire Fox releasing their newest, Fastest, and most secure browser ever, OrchidTalk has upgraded our Toolbar feature. (Learn more about Fire Fox and why it is the best, fastest, and most secure browser for today's internet. OrchidTalk recommends Fire Fox for the best possible viewing experience in our community.)

The latest version of the OrchidTalk Toolbar has been released! This toolbar is completely compatible with ALL versions of Fire Fox from version 1.5 - 7.0.x. (Windows, Mac, & Linux Systems) You do not need to be running the latest version of Fire Fox to take advantage of this toolbar.

Visit this page to download and install the 7.0.X FIRE FOX OT Toolbar. Please be aware that only active members of OrchidTalk can download the toolbar. You must also be logged into the forum to view this page. This toolbar is free to our members. If you cannot access it, you may not have enough posts or may not have been a member of the forum long enough. Check back after you post a few more times.

And for those interested, here are a few shots of some of the new features:

First: Image Editing Software. Notice you can find this link in two handy places (see green dots)

Second: OrchidTalk is part of the larger social network of the Internet. Connect with us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin today.


(Feeling Left Out because you don't have the FireFox Web Browser?)

Time to upgrade to FIRE FOX 7.0.x (windows)!
Time to upgrade to FIRE FOX 7.0.x (mac)!
Time to upgrade to FIRE FOX 7.0.x (Linux)!