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Thread: Orchid size ?

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    Sep 2011

    Default Orchid size ?

    I am new to orchids and wanted to know does anyone let their orchid grow bigger ? Or do they not grow as big in general ? I am talking about the size of plant and not flowers.

    How that makes sense lol

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Kali. I would have thought most of us allow our orchids to grow bigger and so the probability of multiple spikes being high therefore a good chance of a magnificant display. Ofcourse due to the diversity of orchids about, there are miniatures and a huge variety of sizes inbetween and finally those that can be classified as big which may be unsuitable for a lot of growers due to space limitations. On a rough scale relating to adult sizes/bloom size from e.g 1 inch through to several feet and higher, height and width subject to the species itself.

    Again if your concerned about space, plants can be divided as a means of propagation and possible sell, trade or gift leaving you with the plant but a smaller size and an opportunity to make room for a new orchid acquisition.

    If your concerned with the space you have for orchid growin i.e a windowsill then a search on here or an engine would lead you to the max size a species/ hybrid will reach. However if you have a conservatory or greenhouse etc your options are greatly improved and your limitations reduced. The standard widely available Phalaenopsis hybrid (moth orchid) at adult size would not grow big and will tend to keep approx 4-6 leaves at all times, however its size is affected by the occurence of kekis (baby plants) and shoots which if kept together would obviously increase the overal size. By the time it has matured most would have taken measures to repot, divide and result in a more presentable tidy plant. Hope that helps a little.

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    Cattleya, Cymbidium
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    Hi Kali,

    Different orchid genera grow to be different sizes.
    Some orchids grow bigger than humans, while some never grow bigger than a person's thumb.

    If you have a particular orchid in mind we can help you approximate what could be the mature size of the orchid, and also what conditions the orchid needs for optimal growth.

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    Sep 2011


    Hi Opaline and Wetfeet,

    My concern is not size for space at all. I think I will grow them outside but I am trying to find some that are good outside in Southern California mainly in the valley. It gets really hot here. But I wast thinking about getting some for this garden project I am helping bf's mom with. They are doing construction now and I don't think Garden will be ready till next march. I am clueless on all orchids but I do like this one Renanthera Scarlet Yuka. I am looking for species or orchids that would look great with Sage/salvia, Penstemon . I also tried to find Californian species to use in garden but have no luck finding them for sale. I am not sure if there are drought tolerant varieties or species since orchids are tropical but I was surprised to see species from California.

    IMO The Renanthera orchids would look great with some of the other plants we plan to add to garden. Most likely Orchid would be in a pot under their patio next to the pillars so it can get some sun.
    As for an Orchid for my self I am looking for low light ones. But then again I am not sure if it would matter with my lights. I have asked people on different Garden forums about Hibiscus under t5 lights. All said they wont bloom due to the t5's... Well Mine do bloom I have 4 fixtures running. Two 24 inch 2 bulb fixtures, one 24in 4 bulb fixture and one 4ft 8 bulb fixture ( Only use 6 bulbs atm one of the ballast is broken)

    I think my set up has enough light. I asked about low light orchids and the ones suggested I do not like really lol.

    I like Orchid ( Not really colorful) but the form of the plant is eye catching !
    Dendrobium aggregatum
    Masdevallia veitchiana ( I think these are unique )
    Dendrobium Mousmee
    Oncidium Orchids ( I seem to like a few of these as well)
    Brassavola types
    I like the look of hanging Orchids. The Masdevallia doesn't look like a hanging one but if the orchid is unique would like it. I seem to like species of orchids but if there are any crosses of these types I would be interested. ( Ok back to reading more about orchids )

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