Ok, here are 3 different orchids, and each needs an ID from YOU. These are all species by the way, so its not too hard. And whats at stake? Well, they are a bag of good ol' kiwi classic confectionary! one for each orchid. Its sorta my way of giving back to you awesome members on here Thanks for making Orchid Talk what it is guys!


For Picture 1
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For Picture 2
Name:  SAM_0745.JPG
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For Picture 3
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NO cheating! (of course...)

To make it fair for others, if you guess the name of one species, leave the other two for someone else

First to guess it and post it, wins it.

When the competition ends (thats when all three have been guessed), i will send the winners a PM.

All P+H is being taken care of. You dont need to do a thing, apart from guess the orchids lol

The Quizmaster