Recently, I had a lot of seed pods popping out from my plants. I borrowed the lab for a day and tried to do my own flasking. This is how it goes.

Activated Carbon
Agar - Molecular Grade


MS mixture, activated carbon and sucrose

Blending all the ingredients together

The final mixture

Regulating the pH of the mixture

Splitting the mixture into flasks

After this point, I added 0.5g of agar to each flask. I forgot to take pictures of this step. After mixing, I sealed the flasks with 2 layers of aluminium foil.

The autoclaves

Placing the flasks in the autoclave

Setting the autoclave

After this, the medium is cooled in room temperature, ready for the green pod germination which I did not document as i have to be totally sterilized while doing that. My hands are busy inside the Laminar Flow Work Station.

These are the items needed for green pod germination

Seed pods
70% etOH
100% etOH
Scalpel and blade
Long tweezer
Alcohol burner
Sterile petri dishes

The 70% ethanol is used to wipe down the work stations as well as cleaning the seedpods before flaming them. The 100% ethanol is used to sterilize the work equipment like tweezers and blade. You just need to clean the pod thoroughly, slice them length wise and always keep every step sterile.

Dendrobium flasks

I placed 2 flasks of random dendrobium hybrid under infrared light as well as 5 flasks of Bulbophyllum makoyanum and 5 flasks of Bulbophyllum maxillare under fluorescent plant light. I have yet to go back to see the result, i had my fun, the result does not matter much