Hello All,

I know that his thread is several years old but I'm wondering about those of you who have this cross and how your plant has grown for you in the several years since this 2012 thread.

I bought mine in a 4-inch pot about 2012. Since then it has grown into a huge specimen plant with dozens of pseudobulbs. It's happy out-of-doors in partial shade and blooms twice a year on all the new growths it has made up since the last blooming.

I think there were ten spikes on it just now each with five to seven flowers. The flower start dark and fade to light lavender over the next couple of weeks while they are open. Didn't take a photo because the show is over for now.

This cross does favor both parents when you look at them.

So I was just curious if anyone else's plant has grown into a monster size. It seems inclined to do so.


Paul M
Tampa, FL
Zone 9b