Hi everyone,

I wanted to alert you to a major change in our email system. We are no longer accepting new registrations from users who have @aol.com email addresses. Starting about two weeks ago, AOL.COM email addresses started bouncing messages back to our server. On 11-16, we had almost two hundred bounced emails from AOL.COM.

If you are currently registered using an email address from AOL.COM and you are active in the forum, you will soon see an alert at the top of the screen notifying you that your email address is bouncing messages and you must update to a different email address to continue to participate in the forum. Once AOL.COM updates its systems to filter automated email from spam email again, we will accept aol.com memberships but for now, if you use AOL and want to continue to have access to this site, you will need to update your email address to a more modern and up-to-date webmail system to use for this site. We recommend gmail.com from Google a free and vastly superior web mail system that remains up-to-date with the changing features of the web.

To update your email address:

1. At the top of the screen on the right-hand side there is a link called Settings. Click that link and it will load a new screen. (If you are not able to remember these directions, then open that link in an additional window/ tab/ etc... so that you can refer back to the directions.)

2. On the new page that opens - on the left column you will see a box with the heading "MY ACCOUNT". Under this heading click on the "Edit Email & Password" Link.

3. This will reload the right side of the page and give you options to update your email and/or password. Enter your current password (a safety feature) and then at the bottom of the page enter the NEW email address and confirm that new address by entering it once again. Then click on the "SAVE CHANGES"

4. The final step is to visit your new email address and click on the link you get there from the forum. Until you do this, you will not be able to post in the forum. If you do not see the message from OrchidTalk within five minutes, please check your SPAM folder or refresh your webmail page to pull in the message from cyberspace. Our system sends the updated email message as soon as you choose "Save Changes", so there is little delay.

Any trouble, please use the contact us link at the bottom of this page.