I come to the forum off and on to make sure I am doing what is needed for my little ones since I am a chronic plant murderer and up until recently all has seemed somewhat ok. I am currently in my last semester of university (graduating Saturday!) and had all of my exams and papers to take care of so I hired someone to take care of my plants and animals while I was away in Munich doing these things. I got back this morning to find one of my beloved orchids covered in mold and the other seems to have gone through a growth spurt.

I know I am going to ask a bunch of questions that are covered elsewhere, but Ive already looked through several pages and Im still writing my thesis and thought my time would be better spent actually caring for the plants rather than trying to find the needle in 71 pages of posts.

Good news first: I was told last time I posted about one of my plants that the random top roots are actually baby plants, and that I should wait until I saw three roots of three inches long before separating and replanting. I got home to find each finally at three inches where they can be safely removed, so I was wondering exactly what type of medium and fertilizer they will need and if anyone happens to know where the link about separating keikis is. I had bookmarked the link, but that was months ago and when I tried it today it was dead. Also, Im assuming 4 keikis will mean I need 4 pots? Or do you put two together like you do with daffodils, tulips and amaryllis? Here is a picture of my healthy babies:
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And the bad news. I could strangle the housesitter. I have never overwatered my babies, but I got home to find the medium mouldy and when I lifted the pot there was so much water that even though I have raised orchid pots for ventilation the bottom of the plastic inner pot was sitting in water. I removed it immediately and as you can see she is draining over my sink right now. How do I deal with this? Do I need to totally change the medium? If so what medium or fertilizer would be the best for a grown plant? I am in Germany, so while I have read great things about Physan, but its not available here. Does anyone know of a comparable product I could use immediately? With the holidays I think it would take over a week to get here from the UK and I doubt the plant will want to wait that long. As you can see this beauty has been snipped back for winter after her spikes shriveled in late summer, so shes been well taken care of until now... Ugh! I was so thrilled that I was managing to keep plants alive for once, so she must be saved Here are some pictures:
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