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Thread: Cattleyas

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    Jan 2013

    Question Cattleyas

    Since I'm new to orchid growing, could someone tell me if Cattleyas bloom on only new leaves? Will a leaf that had a flower last year produce another bud or not? If you have a plant with leaves that have all borne flowers, is the plant finished or will it grow new leaves?
    Thanks for enlightenment.

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    Jeff Tucker
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    Only the new pseudobulbs will bloom and after they bloom they can’t bloom again. The rhizome on a cattleya is like a large creeping vine that sends up new pseudobulbs, one after another. For many cattleyas only the very last pseudobulb will bloom. On other cattleyas all the pseudobulbs produced that season can bloom.
    On some plants all the new pseudobulbs will bloom together. On others they may bloom sequentially so the plant stays in bloom longer. Not all new pseudobulbs are guaranteed to bloom. Many often don’t. At the beginning of the next growing season the rhizome will start to grow and produce more new pseudobulbs and the cycle begins again.
    Even though the old pseudobulbs can’t bloom they shouldn’t be removed if they’re healthy because they add to the over energy and storage capabilities of the plant. As the plant increases the number of old pseudobulbs each year, it can produce more and larger flowers.

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    Jan 2013

    Smile Thank You

    Thank you for the advice. It may seem like "orchids for dummies" but I need that kind of basic knowledge. I will watch for new growth on my Cattleyas. Regards, Roland

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