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Thread: Caring for Bulbophyllum Daisy Chain

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    Sep 2005

    Question Caring for Bulbophyllum Daisy Chain

    This is my first plant and my first orchid. I would really like to be a good "parent" to it. As you can see in the title, it's a bulbophyllum daisy chain. Although I've looked for information online, I really don't know much about this particular type of orchid.

    I am growing it indoors. The plant seems healthy--for now, anyway. It's a fairly young plant and I don't believe that it's bloomed before, although it already has several healthy-looking leaves. It's currently in a soil with a lot of wood (again, I know nothing about gardening). I bought it from a very reputable botanical garden, but their "orchid guy" had off that day.

    I was told that I should water the orchid moderately twice a week, and fertilize it at 25% strength once a month with a formula made for orchids. I was also advised that it won't need to be repotted for some time, and it does seem comfortable in its current pot.

    If you have any information on how I can care for this plant (watering, light, fertilizer, pruning, and other advice), I would greatly appreciate it!


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    Apr 2005


    Well its my understanding that Bulbos like to stay moist. It is my my recomendation for a first orchid so do not get discoraged if she sulks. It can be done though so don;t let me scare you. I duno about growing it indoors though. I think they like a good level of light. I currently just have 2 Bulbos. OK now I have some homework for you too. You can just do a general search for orchid culture on the net and you will get alot of info. Read all you can it will help get a feel for orchids. My bigest problem when I started was not giving my orchids enough light and they didn't bloom. I have been told by a very experianced orchid grower that an orchid getting enough light will have a yellowish tint to the leaves. Now he may gorw his in high light, but let me tell you he has some beautiful plants. Remember that not everything is set in stone either. Thing very with orchids and you really need to not be afraid to experiment. Most orchids are grown either in bark or mounted on a bark slab or treefern slab or something. So by reading articles on orchid culture you can learn alot. There are alot of good books too. Also if this is something you think you might like to get into deeper. Find out if there is a local orchid society you can go to. It is a good place to get plants from a raffle too. Any more questions feel free to ask.

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    My very first Bulbo was a Daisy chain....the vendor I bought it from had it in a broken off clay pot that he said he set into about a quarter inch of water....I put mine on a rock in my indoor pond that has water running over it. It seems very happy there, but we'll see. I have since bought two more and a stellis that also seem to like being wet all the time. I tried doing the soak them a couple times a week, but it must be too dry in my home. I have read that some bulbos like heavy shade while others will take a brighter, but still shaded light

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