Hello All!

Hope that this is the right place to ask.......I guess my being a new orchid grower qualifies me for being in the new growers forum?

Actually what I would like is some help in finding information on suppliers for clear orchid pots. I know that there are a lot of retailers that have the "regular" clear pots, more often called "azalea pots", but I am looking for round pots that have a raised bottom, similar to a cone.

I should also explain that I can't find any in my area and after calling around to the different stores and them not having any.......(Some don't even know that there is such a thing..........) I am interested in wholesaleing the pots to the stores.

I am familiar with the "Rand Aircone" pots, but they are expensive especially once you get to the larger sizes.

Well enough for this post, but I will be back to talk about some of the problems that I am having with my orchid growing also.......

Thanks to anyone that can help me out with the pots!