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    Oct 2005


    Hello! I bought a phalaenopsis last week and since then have already acquired a ludisia discolor and a cambria. The latter was in a terrible state at the garden centre and I wanted to try reviving it but could do with some advice from people who know about this sort of thing! The plant had not been watered for weeks as the bark medium was bone dry and the visible roots very thin from dehydration, I assume. The plant had finished flowering and the spike was already crisp and brown. The 'pocket' at the base of each se of leaves was shrivelled (I'm not sure if that's how it's supposed to be!). The leaves were badly wilted and some have black marks on them. However, a very healthy green side shoot was emerging which was what gave me hope! I've cut off the flower spike and given the bark medium a thorough soaking in rain water and very weak orchid growth fertilizer. 24 hours later the visible roots have swollen considerably ad the leaves have perked up a little. What else can I do to save this orchid??? THANK YOU for ANY advice!

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    Hello and Welcome to the forum. I am not a Cambria expert, but it should help you to know that Cambrias are not a "natural" orchid species, but rather the term is used to describe hybrids of Odontoglossum, Oncidium, Miltonia, Cochlioda Lindl. and Brassia. I would think they are like Burr. types of plants. Try google-ing on on the different types listed above for more info.

    How big are the black spots? If they are small and scattered across the leaves, that is normal for many intergenics. As for the wrinkling, that too can be fairly common with intergenics of these types, especially if they have been allowed to dry out. Keep a close eye on the moisture, but don't drown it. If the black starts to spread, or anything starts to get mushy - then it is rot and you should try to cut away the rotted areas with a sterile blade. I'd keep it away from your other orchids until you are sure it is not contagious.

    Post back and let us know any more details and how it is going.

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    Jul 2004


    It may sound strange but keep the watering quite light until you see signs of growth.Basically let the plant almost dry out before watering.
    Keeping the plant to wet when the roots are probably not @ their best will almost certainly lead to the roots rotting.

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    Apr 2005


    Good info Uncasteeb!!! Keep the humidity up too if you can. That will help the plant not to loose water as fast. I assume its an oncidium alliance type plant by its parentage so once I know that I would use pretty strong light and plant in LFS. Thats how I grow most of mine, but your growing conditions may be different. I like to use LFS on most of my resues because it keeps humidity around the root area but not keeping it to wet. Althoughit sounds like your doing pretty good job already. Use it as a learning tool. If you bring this one back then your on your way to learning how to tell what your plants like. Goodluck!!

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    miltassia cambria
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    Feb 2008
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    hi there, i bought a Miltassia cambria yesterday and don't know anything about them. The flowers are wilting really badly and the surface roots are extremely dry, i watered it yesterday but the roots are still dry, can anyone make any suggestions on how to rectify this or even if they are supposed to be like this?

    Thank you

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