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Thread: moss grows on top of medium

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    Jun 2004
    Louisville, KY

    Default moss grows on top of medium

    Why do some orchids seem to grow moss on top of the medium? I imagine that left untreated this would choke the roots. Does it mean that you need to repot? Or, is it harmless?

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    Catts and Paphs
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    Jun 2005
    Surprise, AZ
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    Moss usually means one of two things to me - the media has broken down so much that moss is thriving and it's time to repot - or I'm keeping it too wet. In my case, since I grow mostly Catts, I don't often have that problem. But I've had a couple neglected Phals start moss.

    Sometimes the spore comes in the potting media - if it wasn't well cleaned.

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    Feb 2005


    I personally don't think it hurts a thing and I also find it attractive. I have a few bonsai and I purposely grow spores (kyoto japanese moss) in these for the effect.
    Other opinions are sure to follow.

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    Jan 2005
    Sydney, Australia
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    I've got a paph philippinense which has the whole potful covered in moss... and I think it must be happy because there is one mature growth, one almost mature and five new growths on it...

    however, I have read somewhere else that with Phalaenopsis it is not good as it cloggs up the air movement or something...

    frankly, unless the plant is looking terrible, I keep it and it does look nice as it makes it even greener...

    so I'm obviously a newbie grower so read all the above with a grain of salt.


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    May 2005
    Rollinsford, NH

    Default Moss

    You seem to be doing nonpurposfully what I am trying to do! What is your secret!! I have a couple mounts, and though the sphag is great at being water retentive, it doesn't have the nice loush green I would like to have growing...the plant, Mtssa. "Izumi" is doing great, but I hope that moss also starts growing.

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