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Thread: Dens turning yellow

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    May 2005
    Savannah GA

    Default Dens turning yellow

    We had a week of cooling nights a couple weeks ago and after the temps dropped into the high 40s-low50s once or twice I decided it might be time to bring the orchids in for the winter.

    All were healthy prior to moving them, but a couple days after bringing them in I noticed the leaves on the Dens had turned yellow en masse.

    Did I rush the move? If so, a move back outside should help/hurt/make no difference at this point?

    Or did the 45-55F temps do the damage and I just saw the effects after bringing them in?

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    Jul 2004


    Depends what type of Dens.
    Some Dens(Den nobile & hybrids for an example)do drop thier leaves
    just before they need their rest period prior to flowering.
    Do you know what Dens they are ?

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    May 2005
    Savannah GA


    I bought all three at a clearance sale, all were in poor health and all recovered and were beautiful plants until the recent move. Unfortunately only one--the one least affected, BTW--had a name tag and it reads Thongchai Lai. That one was/is in bloom, currently in the final stages, and only the very lowest of its leaves turned yellow. the other two--without ID labels--have 90-95% of their leaves yellowed, almost overnight following the move. Due to the positioning on the clearance table I had assumed all of the plants were the same, but that IS an assumption.

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    I find that a lot of these phalaenanthe type Dendrobium hybrids are very temperature change intolerant!

    I would say that the low 40's temp did the damage and the plants have decided "too cold" and go into dormancy.

    No big deal, they will pop up a new cane when the weather warms up again. Make sure you keep em dryer when it is cold/cooler.


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    May 2005
    Savannah GA


    Thanks for the replies. The temps warmed back up so I moved them back out; now the yellow leaves have fallen off and they do look better without them. The canes still look healthy so the temp-change intolerance must have been at work but apparently without seriously damaging them.

    We had a low of 47 last night (days are 65-70) but it will be warmer for the next few days so I'm thinking I'll just leave them out for a bit longer unless someone tells me in no uncertain terms I'm playing Russian Roulette with their health.

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