Today someone pushed me to replace my old Microwave Oven even though it is a trusted and 'radiant' friend. I am writing this post to lament its passing and sing it's praises. First I'd like to ask how many of you have a microwave oven that when running at full power heats foods to room temperature right out of the refrigerator in an hour or so. I just bet you can't do that with your microwave? Or how about when you set your microwave oven to 'defrost' and a chicken goes from the frozen state to fully thawed in under 24 hours? Amazing don't you think? Even the accurate and precise clock display is just as good as NASA uses during space launch count downs and I have lately seen sparks and flames just like you see during lift off in Florida. Can your microwave do that? Also lets say you get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water. The microwave brightly lite time display always told me what time it was as I stumbled and fell right on the kitchen floor. At least then I knew about how many hours it would be before someone found me and helped me up. My old microwave weighed in at around 40 Lbs. How many of you reading this can say the same or even remember the last time you weighed 40 Lbs.? Yes I'll miss my old companion.........................AL