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Thread: Catasetums and their winter rest cycle

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    Default Catasetums and their winter rest cycle

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and I hope I chose the right place to post this. I recently decided to try and grow a Catasetum, drawn to their frilly pollen shooting flowers and long dormancy period. I live in Tucson, Arizona, where it is really dry and hot, and since I also raise cacti, I figured I knew how to let a plant rest.

    My question concerns the new growth on my Catasetum (frilly dorris x frilly dorris). I acquired it in late February, and it VERY slowly produced new growth through the months of March and April. Now its may and the new growth is still only about an inch tall. (see attached pictures of it).

    It is growing roots as well, several, but they're all pretty much knobs at the moment, perhaps a quarter inch long at the most. It almost looks like the new pseudo bulb is growing a second pseudo bulb, is that normal?

    I know not to water the Catasetum at all until the growth is about four inches tall or so (and the root system is about four inches long), so I haven't yet. I have it placed in an eastern window that receives direct sunlight from about 6am till 11:30, so almost six hours.

    Does this need more light? Is this growth normal for Catasetums, so they grow more rapidly as it heats up? Would it be better off in a sky light?
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    I only have one catasetum, but my experience is limited.

    When I bought mine from the grower, he instructed me not to water until the new growth is 2-3 inches long. Maybe you can wait another week or so.

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    You could possibly wait till it opens at least a couple of leaves. ( 4 leaves). I start to spray them at this stage and full fledged watering once it grows more leaves. I am no expert on this but just growing only one. so could be wrong.

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    I'm not an expert neither but I'm sure that 6 hours only of sun could maybe not be enough, if you could extend the time the orchid is having light that would help..
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    Just make sure that the plant doesn't receive super strong sunlight, so it doesn't damage the new growth
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