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Thread: Transferring from artificial light and outside

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    Default Transferring from artificial light and outside

    I moved several of my orchids that were under artificial lights into outside in a makeshift greenhouse. They get diffused light during the day. They were I believe starting to grow their roots just as I moved them. Now the roots look like they have stopped growing. They have been outside for about a week. How long should I wait to consider moving the plants back inside. Catts and Dens.

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    if the roots are still green. I would leave it outside for now. What I have observed is it usually takes about 2 weeks for orchid to adjust to new environment.

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    any time you move an orchid into a different light level or other change in conditions you run a risk of the plant needing to go through an adjustment phase. some are not so bothered by it, but many can be. some will stop growing, and eventually they will continue after a period of adjustment, others may sort of abort or stunt a growth (oncidiums tend to do this in my experience). if you can gradually move the plant to the new growing conditions, it is perhaps better. too much light suddenly can burn the leaves. as long as your plants are not burning, i would let them stay for the warm season. cattleyas and dendros if given too sudden a change may have active growth stay a stunted size and stop growing, until the next growth begins. the roots in that situation might not grow longer on the stunted growth, but the next growth should grow well if your plant is happy. i get most all my orchids mailed to me and this happens to most of them from being in a dark box for 3 or 4 or 5 days. on your plant, you mention the roots, which normally are very important of course, but if they are still alive and healthy, just paused or stopping growth, i would not panic. the leaves will tell you if the plant is happy. watch their color.

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