I was surfing the web today looking at probably thousands of images of orchids being sold online. Not to buy yet, but to bookmark for a later date. I came across a pic of a Phal named Vivian (I hope I remembered that right)
It looked very much like my rescue, but when I pasted the two images side by side the petals are in a different formation. I don't want to post the image I found online, as I do not own it, but I will post my bloom here and maybe someone here could tell me?
It was just being sold in a grocery store so I don't expect it to be very rare...

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This is what my other two Phals blooms looked like when I got them last year, I do not know the name of them either...

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Neither of these plants came with a 2nd name so I was just wondering if there is one or if it really even matters??