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Thread: Soil Hydration Level Monitor and Watering System

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    Default Soil Hydration Level Monitor and Watering System

    Great feedback, so I changed the questions and updated a feature: it would allow the user to monitor the light exposure to the plants.

    Doing a small project for grad school, and looking for some feedback on a potential soil watering control system. The idea is to enable growers in semi-arid areas to control / optimize the water they use on their crops. This would be a networked sensor system that has a small battery backup but gets its power primarily from the sun. It would enable the user to measure the amount of water dispensed from the unit, and also measure the soil hydration level as the control variable. My questions are:

    (1) Would the product be useful for home/personal usage, or business usage?

    (2) How much time do you spend daily watering your plants?

    (3) Have you ever had problems over- or under- watering your plants?

    (4) Would you prefer a networked system or standalone units?

    (5) If a standalone unit is preferred, would you prefer a lightbar display (i.e. Low -- Med -- High) or a numerical display with characters?

    (6) Would you be willing change batteries in the unit? How often?

    (7) How large could it be? Size > Remote Control / Breadbox / Monitor - sized?

    (8) Would you install this system yourself, or would you rather have it be professionally installed?

    (9) How much would this system be worth to you?

    < 200.00, 200.00 - 250.00, 250.00 - 300.00 , > 300.00

    (10) Are there any options / requirements that you would like to add to this product?

    (11) Can we contact you again for further questions / demonstrations?

    GVSU Grad Student
    Last edited by GVSU Grad Student; February 7th, 2006 at 06:42 PM.

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    Dec 2004


    Dear GVSU,

    You're questions seem a bit vague to this forum. Who is your intended user? If you're considering multiple users, could you be specific.

    I'm not sure what your field of study is, but this is an orchid growing forum (and orchids aren't usually grown in open fields, nor in dirt.) Are you looking for a specialized opinion, or are you just shot-gunning your information gathering, hoping to get lucky?

    Knowing what experience you're hoping to tap will make it easier for one to know whether one's background is appropriate to respond.


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    Dec 2005


    I have been to other forums today that have the same post, from the same new user. I don't see how most hobbiest would know the answers.

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    After talking to other hobbyist, I've been told that having ability to monitor light exposure to various different plants would be useful. Also, the timers sold on market today I've been told are sometimes unreliable.

    Feedback would be great.


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