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Thread: paphiopedilum new growths

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    Default paphiopedilum new growths

    Hi again. I know I'm starting to look like a pain in a** as I am worried about everything when growing orchids
    But I wanted to ask about paph new growths. I've noticed my Paph dellophylum after every blossom makes one new slipper baby. So every year I have just one plant in blossom as the previous year's plant doesn't rebloom. I wanted to know if it is normal that I have only one plant blooming every year - maybe it is typical for this paph in general? Or perhaps I am doing something wrong? Like too few light, too few water or too few fertilizer? If it will continue like this I will never have a full pot of blossoming slippers Maybe I should buy some slipper hybrid to see how it does with me. So far I have only two paphs: The one mentioned above and P. primulinum which is practically still a baby. So no big experience.
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    For a relatively immature plant - one with only a few mature growths - a single new growth is pretty common. As the "colony" gets larger, you may see more and more new growths per year.

    Over the last few years, I see that by using a fairly open mix, and watering often with only a small amount of fertilizer (I recommend no more than 50 ppm N - divide 5.2 by the %N on the fertilizer label; the result is the ml/L to mix - applied a couple of times a week. I use half that.), I am seeing many more growths.

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