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Thread: Yug's Grow-list

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    Default Yug's Grow-list

    I'll start with the vandaceous types, I gotta check the rest to see just what is still there...

    Aer. fieldingi
    Aer. houlletiana
    Aer. odoratum
    Arachnis Maggie Oei 'Yellow Ribbon' (A. flos-aeris x A. hookeriana)
    Ascda. Blue Tahourdin 'Bronze Grape'
    Ascda. Motes Hot Chestnut 'Mary'
    Ascda. Summer Delight 'Susan' (V. JVB x Ascda. Eileen Beauty)
    Ascda. Surat Spot
    Ascda. Thongtong 'Classic' (V. denisoniana x Ascda. Malini)
    Asctm. christensonianum
    Asctm. curvifolium
    Asctm. garayi
    Euanthe sanderiana 'Dale's Pink' x self
    Mok. Bota Gold
    Mok. Chao Praya Boy 'Blue'
    Mok. Chao Praya 'Sunset'
    Mok. Salaya Red
    Mok. Todmann
    Papilionanthe hookeriana
    Pap. Miss Joaquim
    Pap. pedunculata
    Pap. teres
    Pap. teres var alba 'Candida'
    Pap. Ruby Prince
    Pap. tricuspidata
    Renanopsis Lion's Splendor (Ren. Kalsom x Rnps. Lena Rowold)
    Ren. Brookie Chandler (Ren. monachica x Ren. storiei)
    Ren. coccinea
    Ren. Kalsom (Ren. philippinensis x Ren. storiei)
    Ren. monachica
    Rhy. coelestis (pink variant)
    Rhy. Chorchalood (Rhy. gigantea x Rhy. retusa)
    Rhy. Gigantea (alba, peach, red, spotted)
    Rhy. retusa
    Rhynchovanda Colmarie (Rhy. gigantea x Rhy. Sri Siam)
    Rhynchovanda Herbert Kurihara 'Kazuto Nitta' (V. Winifred Kurihara x Rhy. coelestis)
    Vanda Cindy Banks 'Hilltop' (Vanda Mimi Palmer x Vanda tessellata)
    Vanda dearei
    Vanda denisoniana
    Vanda JVB (possibly Tan Chay Yan)
    Vanda luzonica
    Vanda luzonica - spotted vice blotched
    Vanda Mas Los Angeles 'Highway'
    Vanda Memoria T. Iwasaki (Vanda dearei x Vanda tricolor)
    Vanda merrillii
    Vanda Mimi Palmer (Vanda Tan Chay Yan x Vanda tessellata)
    Vanda Miss Rose Davis var alba (3/4 Vanda coerulea, 1/4 E. sanderiana)
    Vanda Rothschildiana (E. sanderiana x Vanda coerulea)
    Vanda suavis
    Vanda Reverend Masao Yamada (E. sanderiana x Vanda Rhonda)
    Vanda tessellata 'Blue' x self
    Vanda tessellata 'Fuch's Lemonade' x 'RF Orchids'
    Vanda tessellata 'Mustard' x 'RF Orchids'
    Vanda tricolor
    Vanda Trimerrill (Vanda merrillii x Vanda tricolor)
    Vanda Usha (Vanda Dr. Anek x Vanda JVB)
    Vanda ustii
    Vanda Wong Poh Nee (Vanda JVB x Vanda tessellata)
    That should do for now, that is all I can remember at the moment.
    Last edited by Yug; October 9th, 2014 at 12:13 AM.

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