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Thread: Replate Flasks

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    May 2005
    Rollinsford, NH

    Default Replate Flasks

    So, here is something that I should be gearing up for in the near future (even though it could be for another month or so away). In two of my flasks they are no longer little green dots---ok, maybe a little more than little green dots). If I hold the flasks so that the media is at eye level, there is defintly some kind of structure (god I wish I could look at them under a dissecting microscope so I could see that that structure is). anyway, I'll stop rambling...

    Replating is in the future, questions are:

    how much media should I use for the replates?

    How big should I let them get before I replate into larger fresh flasks?

    The Encyclia have shot past the Laelia as far as size and chlorophyl goes, but the Laelia aren't doing do shabby themselves...maybe they will inspire the Passiflora seeds on the next shelf down to get going.

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    The amount of replate medium bears a direct relation to the nature of the flask you intend to put it in. I've heard that it is a good idea for the first replate to be on media about 1"-1.5" deep.
    This is the stage you will most likely find the most frustrating. I think its very difficult to get tiny seedlings or corms from one flask to another without contamination, but that may just be me...
    I tried an expariment with this situation, Instead of preparing new replate flasks, I simply poked a hole in the cap of the mother flask. And left another mother flask completely unvented. The unvented flask suffered slight damages with overpopulation, but survival of the fittest sorted that out for me. Both flasks were never replated, one year later, deflasked and compotted. the seedlings from the vented flasks were a tiny bit taller, but to save all effort and woe, well worth the sacrifice.
    Also, It is best to replate when the corms reach a size that you can easily manipulate with your chosen replate tool...i.e If your using a spoon, you want bigger corms first, a little bent wire (my fave) you could probably do it any time. I like to wait untill the central growth of the plantlet starts to pop out from the side of the protocorm, that way you know the seed has found the neccessary fungi to make the "corm to plantlet" transition without damp off.

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    Jun 2005


    Hi ATester,
    Aside from the volume of medium in the flask, you may also want to make the medium a bit softer than usual. I've found that if the medium is too rigid, the little roots are loathe to dive into it, but a softer medium allows better spread as well as easier re-replating.

    As for replating frequency, the little buggers like fresh medium about every 3 months, depending on growth. Higher frequency also helps to keep the phenolic wastes from building up. Of course, more handling increases chances of contamination, so it's some sort of balance you want to make between vigor and contamination probability.

    As for tools, I don't know what you use, but I love the OSP's Tweeeezers for bigger seedling transfer, and a standard replate spatula for protocorms.

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    May 2005
    Rollinsford, NH

    Default replate finished

    So, I replated my flasks today. I had to go make-shift, but it was really getting to the point where I just had to get it done due to over crowding. I will now keep a watchful eye on any fungal mats developing.

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    Dec 2004


    Good luck, Aaron - my fingers are crossed!


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