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Thread: Burrageara culture Information

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    Mar 2006
    Western NY (Region 5a)

    Default Burrageara culture Information

    I purchased a Burrageara Stenfen Isler "Lava Flow" recently. It has a long flower spike with three open flowers and several buds ready to open. As a relative newcomer, this is "my first orchid" to take care of, as my wife has been nuturing her Phals and Paphs. I have read many different opinions on how to water, fertilize, and care for during winter months. The person at the nursery recommened dormancy in winter and only water when the main p-bulb begins to shrivel during winter. Also he said not to fertilize except when the orchid is growing. I have been taught to weekly weakly fertilize when watering. It is in a south bay window and does get cool at night. (70 day, 60 at night...our Christmas Cactus thrives under these conditions). We are located in western NY (Region 5a). Since it is a hybrid of four genus, there isn't too much information about their care.

    I originally posted this under Orchid Forums/Orchid Photography/Phal;Oncidium;Intergenerics, but hope I might get more cultural information from this forum

    Thanks for your input. Gregg C

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    Hi Gregg,

    Welcome to the forum. Stefan Isler "Lava Flow" is an oncidium we grow, bloom and sell often. It is really easy. Please understand that everyone's conditions are different, so your options will vary slightly depending on who gives you the advice. We grow in a green house and do not have the space or time to watch individual plants until they begin to shrivel. All of our oncidiums are grown in bright light (which causes slight sun speckles in some foliage) and are fertilized weakly -- weekly. During the winter we water the oncids once a week. During the summer on average it is twice a week, sometimes more if temps are near 100. (Arkansas).

    Your current location (South Bay Window) is an excellent spot to grow your "Lava Flow". I suggest keeping to your original watering and fertilizing schedule. If you have been successful with phals and paphs, you are doing something right. (Are your plants all in the same type of media? EI: bark? – This will make a difference in how fast they dry out and need to be re-watered.) The oncidiums will need more light than your phals and paphs if your goal it to rebloom. Happy Growing!



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    Mar 2006
    Western NY (Region 5a)


    Thanks for the confirmation. I will not re-pot until the blooming cycle ends. Since I purchased it from a nursery, am am not sure exactly what medium it is. It is very dark in color and has charcoal in it. I have re-potted our other orchids in aussie gold which is coconut coir, diatomite, bark, charcoal and perlite. With the Burr. I have begun use of a bamboo skewer in the medium so when it is dry I water it. While it is producing flowers, I have misted it every other day in the morning. Being a perfectionist, I don't want to kill my first orchid, so I have reading as much as I can. We have a book by William Cullina which has been very helpful.

    My wife keeps her Phals and Paphs in a glass enclosure with artificial light, except for one large one which we have in an east window.


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    Dec 2012
    New Orleans, Louisiana


    Just want to make sure before repotting that the Burrageara is related to Oncidium. It currently is in the original pot from which it came. It appears to be in some sort of sphagnum media which does not allow much water drainage. That being said should it be potted in a special version of Oncidium mix?

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